IBD-A MOM's guide to survival
We arrived yesterday afternoon in sunny Portland for Maddy's FMT treatment. Our trip was smooth and all of us made it across the border without incident. We were most concerned about Echo (the family dog) with all of her priors...mostly dog park misdemeanors but you never know with these American border crossings! ;)
Maddy is thrilled with the hotel basketball and tennis court, heated pool and dog friendliness! She played in the pool and we watched a movie before bed. There was a little drama around taking the last dose of her antibiotics so I am thrilled that that is done with-Whew!!
This morning we met with Maddy's team of amazing health professionals. The FMT will be performed by Dr. Mark Davis of the Bright Medicine Clinic and also two lovely new additions. Sharon will be in charge of Maddy's Chinese visceral therapy, Mayan abdominal massage and other types of body work. Karen will be in charge of Maddy's Chinese and herbal medicine as well as her acupressure and acupuncture. Maddy felt at home immediately and Scott and I were very impressed with the group. They were thoughtful and kind and gave Maddy just the right amount of compassion, information and respect. Not to mention massage..anyone who knows Maddy knows that if you give her a massage, you are a friend for life!
Maddy is on a non caloric intake diet today consisting of only water, tea and broth. So far her energy and spirits are good and she is looking forward to the first FMT enema tomorrow because it means she gets to EAT!! :)
We picked up some food (for tomorrow) and took the dog for a stroll in a lovely local off leash dog park at Laurelhearst. Now we are back at the hotel for a rousing game (or 10) of Wi Sports and a swim before bed.
The real adventure begins tomorrow...


05/01/2013 11:30am

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