IBD-A MOM's guide to survival
Today was a really GREAT day!  Maddy's treatment only took about 10 minutes and she was once again really empowered by being able to do it herself!  She was really verbal about how proud she was.  She couldn't wait to get out and see Portland today!  We decided to have breakfast at an awesome spot called the Tin Shed.  A great dog friendly restaurant with awesome staff and even more awesome food!  Lots of fresh local ingredients and free range eggs, hormone free meats etc... Maddy polished off a full order of eggs benny AND a fresh strawberry pancake!  We then went to the Naturopath's clinic where Maddy had another craniosacral therapy treatment and massage.  She didn't want to stop there so we went down to Portland's largest bookstore Powell's Books, it takes up an entire city block and has over 1 million titles!  Maddy was in heaven...

Playing some street music with the locals...
After our adventures at Powell Books, we headed down to Voodoo Doughnut for some fun and a sugar hit!  Maddy had a blast, and made some friends in line and out front with the locals.  She played them her Gutsy Girl theme song "It's not who I am" and they loved it!
After our adventures we came home (to the Marriott) and I made a huge pot of quinoa spaghetti filled with grass fed beef and a ton of veggies.  Maddy ate the whole plate!  She was feeling great all day, had tons of energy and is now refusing to go to sleep!!  Not to mention that she managed to retain the FMT treatment for over 5 hours today with no problem at all....these are all great signs! 
Maddy even said today: "I feel really good mom, I think this is working..."
Time will tell but it's hard not to be really excited about how good Maddy was feeling today!!  She is excited for tomorrow and we are all thrilled that she is feeling well enough to get out and explore Portland!



04/30/2013 10:56pm

I'm so happy to hear this is going well. Maddy, you are brave and awesome! *Mom* and Scott, so are you! Keep enjoying Portland, I hope to get there myself one day. And of course the doctor is awesome, I can tell just by his name!

Rebecca Kirstein
05/10/2013 11:40pm

Thanks Mark! So true about the doc. :)
We have had a great time and Maddy couldn't have been more awesome through the procedure. She is doing great and we are excited to get home tomorrow! :)


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