IBD-A MOM's guide to survival
Maddy is starting very high doses of 3 different types of antibiotics in order to prepare for her FMT treatment starting next week. For a child who already takes multiple medications, multiple times a day, adding 3 more meds, 3 times a day each-is going to be a challenge. Both physically and emotionally. When you already have GI pain and disfunction, really strong antibiotics can be pretty intense. Especially since they all have really strong aftertastes.
Not to mention, when you have to take all these meds and supplements at certain times, multiple times daily, some with food, some without, some not within 20 mins of a meal, others mixed into food/drink, some standing on your head or riding a unicycle etc...it starts to feel like meds run your life. Especially when all you want to do is go and play.
Now, taking all these antibiotics may seem pretty counterintuitive to you, it sure did to me. Especially knowing that there is a link between pediatric antibiotic use and IBD. As it turns out though, the evidence for using these types of antibiotics prior to FMT and its consequent positive outcome is pretty strong. So, out with the old (bacteria) and in with the new! (bacteria)
Here's hoping the kid can stomach all this...especially since the marshmallow, banana cream and bubblegum flavours are worse than the harsh bitter taste of the meds, if you ask me! The jury is out on whether Maddy will agree!


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