IBD-A MOM's guide to survival
Ever had an enema? Me neither. Until last night. My kid has to do 3-4 large volume water enemas (1.5 litres) before her FMT treatment, which will consist of several more water enemas for cleansing and 10 more fecal enemas over the course of 2 weeks. I figured the least I could do was test it out on myself to help ease her fears. Turns out that although in the grand scheme of things, it's not THAT bad-it really is one of the LEAST fun ways to spend a Monday night!
I'm glad that I went through the process though, because today I was armed with information and experience as I tried to convince a scared little girl that this really wasn't going to hurt!
The truth is, it doesn't hurt. It's uncomfortable, a little gross and mostly demeaning as you crouch on a sanitary cloth on all fours on your bathroom floor.
Again, it is the LEAST that I could do.
After a lot of crying and even more convincing, she agreed that she needed to do this. That WE needed to do this.
In the end, SHE did it! It was scary, uncomfortable and demeaning. My brave 10 year old little girl did this because she is just that: BRAVE and STRONG.
More than anything, she wants to get better.
And now she knows that once again, she was able to overcome her fears. That she CAN overcome her fears, her disease and anything else life decides to throw at her.
And I know that I can help her, guide her and love her every step of the way but that she will ultimately be able to do this and everything else- all by herself.
That, and I can be certain that I have one hell of a squeaky clean colon. :)


Stephanie Greaves
04/16/2013 2:09pm

To say that you are truly a gem of a mother, and Mads - a real life hero, would be a complete understatement! I can't wait to get the project in the can and get some play for the Gutsy Girl, herself!

Rebecca Kirstein
04/16/2013 2:10pm

You are awesome Stephanie! Can't wait too!! Let's do this!! :)


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